How design patterns changed my vision

Posted on mai 09, 2018 in Development

A small summary of how learning about design patterns lead to making "decent sized" software easier for me

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Yet Another vimrc post

Posted on septembre 15, 2017 in Development


The question is a classic on r/vim and comes occasionally on #vim on freenode : is my vimrc "good" and what should I do to make it "better" ? I am by no means a vim expert and I don't really know what a "good" vimrc should be. So anything …

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First part of nand2tetris

Posted on septembre 11, 2017 in Development


This first post will attempt to be a summary of what I have already done and learned while doing the first half of the nand2tetris lesson on Coursera. Following the advice on the FAQ from r/LearnProgramming redirecting to a nice ressource on Github (the Open Source Society University …

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