A new org-anisation

If you are seeing this, you are seeing a new version of the blog.


I didn’t want to keep maintaining the same Pelican based flow, as I found it a little clunky with md format.

Also, changing stuff up a little bit keeps me motivated.


Blorg is the name of the repository that holds the files for the blog (it will stay private for a while). The contraction of blog and org tells everything you need to know: This blog is exclusively written in a blog.org file, and uses ox-hugo Emacs package to export the blog to content Hugo can use to produce the blog.

Having the blog in an org-mode file allows me to blog in the comfort of my Emacs editor (I’ve been using Doom Emacs for a few years now and it’s been a blast), with all my packages, bindings, and customizations. Actually, customizing Emacs and learning EmacsLisp was my first experience with a lisp and an eye-opener that motivated my current long-term project, but more on that later. Org also has a lot of nice features and syntax that makes modifying my blog a much more pleasant and cohesive experience than handling it with Pelican.

I didn’t touch my blog for a while because of both lack of time and lack of motivation to deal with the update process for Pelican, so hopefully this new version will keep me motivated to share (and thus, archive) more thoughts in the future.


Welcome to this new form of blogging for me, where I should still keep trying to pour some ideas when I feel my head gets too full.

Have fun!