Use COPR to package software for Fedora

TL;DR : See the spec file and the settings on the related copr. What is copr ? Copr is according to Fedora wiki a Fedora project to help make building and managing third party package repositories easy. The instance to be installed within Fedora Infrastructure provides Fedora maintainers with the ability to create repos of packages to build against and share with others." When I want to test software not packaged in Fedora’s official repos or RPMFusion, or when I want to get a more recent version of a packaged software, I always go there to check if some user built it already and can share a package.

How design patterns changed my vision

Choosing a “big” project As I am following Open Source Science University cursus to strengthen my weaknesses in software development (namely engineering and architecture), I also try to maintain a “bigger” project for my portfolio, and also with the objective to finish a piece of software I’m proud of. I could have tried the more classic projects (making a text editor or a LISP or a bash shell are common “big projects” I’ve seen), but I was kind of afraid of the perceived complexity of those, so I preferred looking for something that started as a small project and then can get bigger as features come.

Yet Another vimrc post

Hello, The question is a classic on r/vim and comes occasionally on #vim on freenode : is my vimrc “good” and what should I do to make it “better” ? I am by no means a vim expert and I don’t really know what a “good” vimrc should be. So anything that I do here is not necessarily good ; I just want to explain why I made some decisions for my configuration.

First part of NAND2Tetris

Introduction This first post will attempt to be a summary of what I have already done and learned while doing the first half of the nand2tetris lesson on Coursera. Following the advice on the FAQ from r/LearnProgramming redirecting to a nice ressource on Github (the Open Source Society University course), I decided to start from the basics to be sure I didn’t miss important basic knowledge. Learning the basic architecture of a computer is also something I really wanted to do, so when I saw it was the first part of the curriculum I was only more excited to get my hands on this !