Plaintext Accounting in a nutshell

The most important part to remember now is that plaintext accounting (especially for personal finance) is not for everyone. As Duarte O.Carmo said, this article is meant to be a showcase and not really a tutorial or how to. I really want to show that “not too much” work is necessary to get going. tl;dr: This is my flow to get this kind of UI for my personal accounting. Introduction I started to track my personal finances in 2017, when I was a PhD student also interested in competitive Magic The Gathering (which can be a pretty expensive hobby especially when playing a still expenrsive rotating format).

How to root Sony Xperia X Compact under Oreo (Nov 2018)

Introduction The first reason I am making this post is because I fully expected this rooting to be a lot harder : it took me only 3 hours to go from the first command I typed to a phone booting into the stock rom with Magisk installed for root access. My personal gold standard of “having difficulties in the text-only world” is the 2 all-nighters I had to pull in high school trying to install Gentoo as my first non-windows OS.