Debugging Rust in Emacs with dap-mode

Hello, The goal of this short how-to article is to summarize the various configurations and efforts I had to make in order to reach a debugging setup I like using Emacs. We are going to use this small demo repository for this purpose. As you can see in its README, I was able to produce a decent debugging experience (similar to the very good gdb-many-windows setup that is built-in for C-like languages)

RSeven development 1: a parser

Hello, I am kicking off a new series to talk about a project of mine that will take a lot of time and probably make me discover new things. This is the first “long” project I’m starting since I made a front-end for Xi editor. Xile sadly got abandoned as I lost motivation after the main team behind the core of Xi Editor let it go to focus on making a Rust GUI library.